The Right Candidate

Our team of Executive Researchers are all experienced in providing successful talents for your unique industry. They’ve already perfected the talent of scouting the best people that you may need for the job. We have a 100% client retention rate, and a 99% successful placement rate, making our company a very logical choice if you are seeking flawless client service with detailed attention to your recruiting needs.

Each step in our comprehensive recruitment process is tailor-made to your specific search needs. We strive for solid partnership with you so you won’t be disappointed with the results.

When you engage us, we will first assess your needs as a client. We would acquire some important and relevant company information, like your vision for the cpmpany. Your financials, year over year growth, market share, company culture, and leadership, would also be acquired and assessed. Once we are done with that assessment, we would then assess the position/s of the openings that you have. Like the job title, who that person would be reporting to, the number of direct reports, necessary experience needed, education/certifications needed, location, travel time if there is, compensation, and benefits. Of course, to be able to keep our high retention rate, we have to make sure that the people we place know exactly what kind of job they’re applying for.