Army Reserve Jobs Offering Something for Everyone

There are more Army Reserve jobs than you can imagine su ch that everyone can find a choice there. In fact, the US Army Reserve is the best option for you to advance your civilian career to higher levels and get more recognition in your job. You will never regret trying this out because it never disappoints. When you are recruited into the Army Reserve, you will have more than 150 careers to choose from. These jobs are also referred to as Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs). They will propel your civilian career more than working elsewhere would and therefore you will be the real gainer at last.

Why is a job in the Army Reserve important?

First, the job that you get in the Army Reserve is just aside kick  Army Reserve Jobs that nevertheless brings you steady income. Remember that as an army reservist, you have to attend to duty one weekend every month and two weeks for every year. This is easy enough for many people and the good news yet is that you will only be posted in a military base that is close to your original physical address. Even if you are deployed for military duty alongside the active duty soldiers, you cannot go on a tour that exceeds more than 3 years. If you have been looking for away to wear the uniform and your country proud, then this is a perfect opportunity. Just see the local recruiter or apply for the Army Reserve jobs online.

The Army Reserve has something for everyone as long as you can meet the recruitment criteria. This is simple enough and its nothing to fret about. For example, the general requirements are that:

  • You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent for example GED
  • You must pass the ASVAB test
  • You must be aged between 18 and 40 years but with parental consent, you can also join at 17 years.
  • You must be a US citizen or alien resident
  • You must be physically fit and be of good moral standing.

While getting your career in the US Army Reserve is very easy, you also need to select career beforehand. There are many of them and therefore you are advised to treat this as a normal career search. For example, you should apply for a job that is specific to you interests and likes and if you already have civilian training, you should select a job that is in line with your training.

You will enjoy various bonuses for enlisting and you will be paid for every weekend that you are on duty, once every month plus the two weeks that you will be on active duty every year. This flexibility will allow you to keep your civilian job and so you will have two sources of income. Before you apply for any of the Army Reserve jobs you need to know about the pay and the bonuses.

A soldier, whether reserve or active duty is a soldier and therefore you will still be part of the revered US fighting machine. That fact alone is enough to give you all the satisfaction that you need. Again, you also get the same training as the active duty soldier, only that you train one weekend every month and two weeks every year while he/she is always on duty. In fact when training, you train alongside the active duty soldier.

The Army Reserve is an industry on its own, offering civilians careers like administrative and support jobs. Such jobs involve record keeping, ordering supplies and so forth. The good thing is that you will first get hands-on training for the same. There are media and arts jobs for people who would like to advance their journalism or graphic design careers. In media jobs, you will be responsible for   designing brochures for the military, while the media jobs may involve broadcast organization and execution. They may also involve doing some public relations work for the reserve army and so forth.

There are computers and technology and here, you learn and work with the best. This will help you advance your civilian career a great deal. There are jobs under intelligence where you will learn to decipher codes, gather and analyze electronic intelligence. You will be taught about the computer systems, how to read an interpret satellite images and so forth. For legal and law enforcement, you can work with the military police. In the construction and engineering jobs, people construct roads and permanent and temporary buildings in the country and even in other countries too. Such skills as you will muster here can be a big plus for you in civilian life.

If you are in the medical field, there is a job for you. With so many jobs at hand, if you find it a daunting task to choose the correct one, contact the local recruiter for assistance on the right career for you, the pay and the bonuses. Army Reserve jobs abound all over and you know what the army will instill the discipline and altitude that you need to survive even in civilian life