Army Reserve Pay – Understanding the Bonuses and Packages

Before you can apply for any job in Army Reserve you need to know about the benefits and Army Reserve pay also called drill pay. For the six years that you will be in service, you will have a steady flow of income depending on how often you go for duty since this is a part time occupation. The good news though is that since Army Reserve also takes people with civilian training, this can be a great way for you to advance your civilian career and many people have benefited this way. On the same note, you can join the US army reserve at a young age and as such, they would help you focus, find the direction that you need in life by helping you choose the career that best fits your interests. To be eligible for Army Reserve, you have to be between 18 and 40 years of age but can still join at 17 but with parental consent.

As you look for information about army reserve bonuses and payments, you will note that since 2010, the army has been offering bonuses as incentives for joining. Unlike the civilian payments, Army Reserve gives you great bonuses for Army Reserve Payperforming duties there. The good news though is that you do not have to quit your civilian career. You will also earn a regular paycheck for field training exercises and unit training that you must go through every year. Depending on your years of experience and as you rise in rank; your pay is also going to increase.

For a start, the bonus for enlistment in Army Reserve amounts to $20, 000 for qualified persons who have skills needed in the army. However, they must sign up for the six-year service contract. If you join Army Reserve as a chaplain, you are entitled to a bonus of $10,000. The enlistment bonus for a translator or specialist in Mid-East Languages (MOS 09L) adds up to $20,000. There are many more bonuses for different people in different categories but the good thing is that there is a bonus for everyone, even those who enlist with no special skills at all. Whenever you are on active duty status, you get free accommodation, meals and uniform.

To learn more about Army Reserve pay for soldiers, one should ask for guidance from the local recruiter, or just find the information online. Here, we bring you the most current figures and tables, as current as 2012. However, you should know that the salary and bonus figures will change with time and therefore you need to keep yourself updated if you want to stay at the top of your game. If you have  prior military skill, that is, you have been in the army for 14 years, retired and now want to join Army Reserve, you get a special bonus for that and this could be a $5000 enlistment bonus for 6 years or $2500 for 3 year service.

It is important that once you join Army Reserve, you should be consistent by attending the drills every month and be on two-week active duty every year. This way you will qualify for the retirement pay based on the points that you earn during drills and active duty in your years of service. To understand how much you will be paid, it is important to give a thorough study to the drill pay charts for 2012. Drill pay is what you get when you are not on active duty but should you later change to active duty; your pay will be upgraded to the same monthly pay as your counterparts in active duty get. In addition, many more benefits come when you join Army Reserve like educational benefits, health care and more. The figures, as said earlier, change with time and therefore you have to get the most updated figures. The local recruiter will give you updated information.

What other benefits do you get apart from Army Reserve Pay?

Joining army reserve may be just what you have been waiting for because it brings you a steady paycheck. Again, you do not have to leave your civilian job because you are only in attendance two weeks every year and one weekend every month to enable you keep your skills sharp. In fact, a three or six year stint in army reserve may be the directing force that you need for your career.

The army shapes your physical and mental discipline and enhances your social skills and therefore you can work very well as a team. This is very important in today’s work market. Again, you can also get faster employment even after discharge because many employers associate the army with discipline and hard work. So joining Army Reserve is a win-win situation for you in general. The longer that you have been there and the higher that your rank rises, the more money you will earn. Army reserve pay can be a great way of making extra income and advancing your career skills.