How to Choose Army Careers That Matches Your Aptitudes

Army careers are designed in such a way that they equip you with the relevant skills required in today’s job market such that even when you are discharged, you can still prove very competitive in the civilian job market. In fact, training for careers in the army is one of the best options for you to day and you can be sure that with the skills that you get there will equip you for very competitive civilian living. There are combat and non-combat occupations in the army and so it is easy for you to find a career, which is in line to your interests. That is why you should not jump headlong into the military looking for a career because you first need ample information regarding such.

To find the right career in the US Army you have to make a CV and make sure that it is SEO optimized. Like any other way of searching for a job online, how soon you get it may depend on whether you have used keywords related to the careers offered in the military. For example, if you are looking for a job in Army Intelligence, then you have to make sure that the words intelligence officer appears frequently in your resume.

Army Careers

The requirements for army careers differ. While the basic one may be a high school diploma. You may need higher education qualifications if you are an officer, you may need a bachelors or graduate degree. It is also very Army careersimportant for you to know all the terms involved in the job contract. For example, some working conditions in the army are hazardous even when there is no war going on. You also have to know that when you enlist for the army, you should conform to military rules at all times. As long as you are in active duty, you can choose what you want to do if you are trained for it, or you can train while you are in the army. However, for Army Reserve, you may have to take what is on offer.

Today, more than 2.4 million people are employed in the army. To keep it as a perfect fighting machine, there are varieties of jobs that must be done to make sure that everything runs in order. Right from combat specialty to administrative jobs, each job is perhaps as important as the other although not as dangerous. The good thing is that you can choose what catches your fancy. Once enlisted, you will be eligible for retirement after 20 years in the army.

As of now, the prospects are that there will be jobs in the army for qualified people through 2018. Therefore, all that one needs to find out is whether they meet the physical, aptitude and mental qualifications to join the army. If they do, then a career in the army can be very satisfying and even after you leave, you can still go get work in civilian industry that pertain to what you did in the army. Life in the army is not only pleasing because of the ready employment but it also comes with very big packages. For example, for people living in military bases, there is free food and accommodation and there are free sports facilities. Medical and dental care is free and rail transport is cut in half. After you have served in an operational tour, you will get paid-for leave. Officers and soldiers who serve full time also enjoy 38 days paid leave annually. This more than compensates for the hard work you have to put in army careers.

When you enlist, you will undergo several tests to help determine your aptitude. This w ay, you can get a career that is in line with your interest. The principle that people deliver most in when they do what they like holds in the army too. What are the kinds of careers you can look forward to in the army? See below:

Construction occupations
Combat careers (specialty in weapons)
Electrical and electronic repair
Administrative jobs
Healthcare jobs
Transport, logistics and material handling
Plant operator specialists
Media and public affairs occupations
Protective service personnel for example, fire fighters.
Human resource and personnel management jobs
Technical, engineering and science jobsSupport service jobs like organizing events, offering guidance and counseling and so forth.

Note that all people, the newly enlisted or the officers can work in any job that they choose but their rank also counts. For example, the combat specialty officer develops attack plan and he leads combat. The human resources manager develops human resource plans, executes them and so forth just as one would in the civilian field. Before you can choose army careers, it is very important that you have enough information about life in the army. You can get that information here and on other websites. You can also get it from relatives and family friends in the army. If you know what will be involved beforehand, you will adapt very well to military life and you will never regret it. Good luck