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Save Yourself Years Of Frustration, By Learning From All My Mistakes

When the US housing market collapsed, this has left many industries in disarray causing an unemployment rate that hasn’t been experienced in decades.

Although parts of our economy are slowly recovering the real unemployment rate is still high, and if you don’t have the proper skills, and the ability to understand how to ace the interview process, this leaves you at a disadvantage.

Even with the current economic conditions and global outsourcing there are still jobs available if you know where to look and have the skills to answer the interview questions that hiring mangers want to hear. In this report you’ll discover the secret techniques that have helped hundreds of people resurrect their careers’ and in the process you’ll save yourself years from having to discover these techniques on your own. You’ll wish you had this report years ago.

In this report plan on sharing everything with you that’s taken me years to discover on my own. I know the struggles that you’re dealing with when you’re sending out hundred resumes and not getting a single response, and I know how nervous you can get during an interview. I’ve been through all this and more.

I know how this can really discouraging, when you’re putting in all that time and effort and not seeing any results.

I knew I had to find a better way, I was tired of dealing with rejection. I knew if I didn’t get this handled I would either end up with a job I hated or worse unemployed and broke.

I read every book I could find to learn how to improve the job search process. I reached out to hiring managers and recruiters learning as much as I could from them, I learned some very important lessons.

I was always told “who you know is always more important than what you know”… this is true for anyone looking for work as well. Most people spend 80% of their time sending out resumes and 20% of their time networking, if you want to find a job that excites you need to spend 80% of your time networking with the right people and 20% of your time sending our resumes.

Not to brag, but after figuring out and understanding the hiring process, I was turning down job offers.

I was never planning on writing a report but after seeing the success of everyone I shared these techniques with I was convinced this would help you in your job search process as well.

Inside this report, you’ll learn the one technique that’s so powerful it’s almost sure to get you hired or at the very least get you noticed. I have had friends who have used this one technique to get hired on the spot.

It took me years of struggling to learn the techniques and strategies I’m about share with you.

It’s gratifying to help you find work, if you used any of the techniques in this report to land you, your next job, let me know, I’d be delighted to hear about it.

Latest Govt jobs in Indian Army is the chief force of this Nation. From the coasts to the Himalayas. Indian Army has been the active front of our freedom. Indian Army is one of the prime land-based fighting units. When compared to other countries in the world. If you are looking to join the Indian Army. Then you will not get dismayed, as there are many prospects in various departments. You can always find something that suits to your ability and interest. In this article, we will explore the openings. That Indian Army has to offer to you. So let us get started.

There are two entry schemes in the Indian Army. One is the Permanent Commission and the other is Short Service Commission. In Permanent commission once, you join the Indian Army. You will retire when you meet full retirement. However, to join the permanent commission you need to join one of the two Indian army-training institutes. One is the Indian Military Academy Dehradun. Other is the National Defence Academy Khadakwasla. In the Short Service Commission, you can join Indian Army for a period of 10 years. Then it is extendable to up to 14 years. After which, you will have a choice to join the permanent commission. Alternatively, you can just opt-out from it completely.


For men, you can enter the Indian Army through various entry schemes. The first level of entry is after you complete 10 + 2. Once you are out from there you can apply for the intermediate NDA examinations. If you are a graduate then you can apply through the graduate scheme of UPSC. When you clear your exam through this scheme. You will go for training in one of the Indian training academies in Dehradun. For your information, SSC also conducts examination for the entry into the Indian Army. Although it is for non-technical posts only. If you are a law graduate you have, you have the opportunity to work in the Indian Army. There are other opportunities for postgraduates as well as engineers.

For women, there are opportunities to join the Indian Army but not as many as there are for men. Women cannot join the Indian Army after their 10 + 2. You have to be at least a graduate to enter the Indian Army. You can apply through UPSC after completing their graduation. On the other hand, apply otherwise by not going to the UPSC examination. Law and Engineering graduates can also apply for the Indian Army as well as any postgraduate.


The Indian Army conducts open recruitment rallies every year. In all the divided zones in the country. You should know that the recruitment is applicable for all the departments in the army. Be it the Engineers or the infantry; you can apply there according to your qualification. The minimum age limit in this joining scheme is 18 years and the maximum is 23 years.

You should keep an eye on the website of the Indian Army’s career section for the updates. The requirement happens on a regular basis and is a fantastic opportunity. If you want to have a chance at this profession. You also need to keep in mind that the minimum qualification required is 12th pass. Moreover, for science background, you should have physics, chemistry, and maths as subjects.


Apart from a salary, there are many other benefits of joining the Indian Army. You get quarters to live with your family and free medical care for you and your family. In addition, you get monthly ration and other utilities. When you retire from the service, you also get a good lump sum amount. Moreover, the pension given to the Indian Army personnel is also competitive.


If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding job then nothing beats working for the Indian Army. Indian Army is a rewarding career. Where you will have many opportunities to test your talents across various tasks. Thus, if you are serious then keep yourself updated with the latest openings. You can visit the Indian Army to scan through latest information.